The Arched Eyebrow X Navabi Collection

I’ve blogged for a few years now and I’ve seen things change in the blog world quite a bit. I don’t judge anyone for the blogging path they take. Why should I? It’s none of my business (as long as they aren’t being offensive – obviously!) I like to think my real niche is plus size fashion, but I guess that’s the one thing I LOVE blogging about. I love sharing my favourite outfits and showing women that being plus size doesn’t mean you can’t feel or look great. But there’s one thing I can’t ignore when it comes to the blogging world. That’s when my fellow plus size babes break the chain. They go over the line as blogger and change the game. It could be a small whisker of a crack in the perception of body image or it could be a giant leap in the fashion game. No matter how big or small I try and support it, even with the small amount of time I have right now with Baby C around.

Arched Eyebrow x Navabi collection review - pretty big butterflies

One of those things lately has been the pretty epic new plus size clothing collection at Navabi. Amazingly designed by blogger Bethany at Arched Eyebrow. A plus size babe that understands the trials and tribulations of being bigger and wanting fun fashion. I’m chuffed that she had the chance to turn her vivid imagination into something tangible. Not just because I want to support my fellow plus women but also because it gives me a whole new choice of clothes. Win win situation.

Arched Eyebrow x Navabi collection review - pretty big butterflies

The key things that stand out from the Arched Eyebrow X Navabi collection are really obvious. Block colour and great shapes. It’s a rainbow capsule wardrobe. A mix and match of bright and bold colours that somehow seamlessly fit together. Plus, they’re all timeless pieces. They can be worn through every season. These are investment pieces but ones that will pop every time you wear them. They’re far from boring and really encompass the energy and vibrancy of Bethany’s style.

Arched Eyebrow x Navabi collection review - pretty big butterflies

I gave the collection a try and it’s just so good. The RUFFLED GINGHAM CHECK BLOUSE and FLARED MIDI SKIRT is a match made in heaven. The shirt is true to size with a bit of stretch. It feels a little flamboyant at first, but after a couple of minutes that feeling of flamboyance turns to absolute fabulousness. It’s a shirt that makes me feel good because it looks great and fits well. It isn’t rocket science. It’s so on trend but not too outrageous and it can be work with the skit, jean, under a jumper – the list goes on.

Pink plus size gingham shirt - pretty big butterflies

The fabric of the midi skirt is quite heavy so it sits really well above my hips. It’s a great length and I’m not ruling it out during winter. The pink is deep but bright and a real gorgeous pigment. It feels like a little bit of pink luxury.

Pink plus size midi skirt - pretty big butterflies


The carrot and paperbag trousers are next on my list. I have a feeling they are going to fit better than any other trousers I’ve tried. The great thing about someone plus size designing and working on a piece of plus size clothing is that they get it. They get what it needed. If the gingham shirt and flared midi skirt are anything to go by, the rest of the collection is going to be simply amazing.