5 Up-and-Coming Destinations to Consider

If you’re bored of the same vacations spots and are looking to explore something a little different, there is a host of lesser-known places around the globe that offer a spectacular stay mixed with vibrant culture and stunning scenery. Some of the spots you may have never heard of or wouldn’t even think to go to on holiday, but if you open up your mind to new adventures, you’ll discover a host of hidden treasures away from the busy tourist spots. Having a place to yourself with few people around adds to the exclusivity of the region, plus gives you some great memories to share with family and friends.

If you’re looking to enjoy a vacation with a difference this year, check out these up-and-coming spots to get some inspiration.



This beautiful country has risen in popularity over the past few years due to its pretty villages, glorious national parks, and spectacular beaches. An excellent spot for enjoying the charm of this destination is along the Istrian Riviera on the northern coast. The resort of Pula boasts impressive architecture and lively bars so you can immerse yourself in the friendly culture and spectacular landscapes.


Big Bear Lake, California

This small city is located just two hours from Los Angeles and is mostly known for its Bear Mountain ski resort. Alongside this captivating backdrop, you’ll also find the spot of Big Bear Lake, which is surrounded by alpine beauty and 60-plus miles of trails and treks around the water. This spot is a hub for activities, and the choice of Big Bear Lake vacations offers individuals, couples and families a memorable outdoors experience.



After suffering from some political issues in recent years, Turkey is now regaining its position as a go-to place for holidaymakers. There are a number of excellent beach resorts, and with temperatures warm all year round, it makes a great place for winter sun. Turkey isn’t just great for sunshine either, as its rich history makes a delightful visit with plenty of ruins and architecture to admire.


Cape Verde

This exciting spot west of Senegal combines the vibrancy and beauty of the Caribbean, Portugal and West Africa in one. Most of the time the temperature remains warm so offers the perfect spot to enjoy a sun-drenched winter break. Aside from the blue waters and stunning beaches, moving further inland, you’ll find historical plantations dotted throughout the landscape and pretty towns bursting with history.


Porto, Portugal

This vibrant coastal city is one of Portugal’s up-and-coming locations this year and has a different vibe to its capital. At the moment, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere and impressive display of history and architecture waiting to be explored. It probably won’t stay a quiet city for long after everyone finds out about this hidden gem, so visit now to capture its unique ambience.


These are just some of the best spots to enjoy a getaway with a difference, take a look and start planning your 2018 vacation.