3 ideas for your next family holiday abroad

When it comes to travelling as a family, there is a lot to pull together, making it all the better to get started on the planning as soon as possible. So for the upcoming summer holiday, brainstorm where you want to go and start planning away!

Here are 3 plausible options for this year’s trip that you might consider:


  1. Taormina, Italy

Taormina is a luxurious city on the island of Sicily that draws a number of tourists every year. It is home to a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, Isola Bella bay, and the rest of the city offers plenty of fun activities that kids can join in for. At every turn, you’ll be rewarded with striking views; you can spend your day along the beach enjoying the turquoise water, visit the playground at the Villa Comunale, go for a boat ride, and indulge in the delicious local foods. Even the pickiest of eaters will be happy in Sicily, with the Italian classics of pizza and pasta always on the menu. Another standout characteristic of Sicily is that family values are cherished in Italy in general, but especially on the island of Sicily. This makes it that much comfortable for the inevitable meltdown your kid might have as you are surrounded by friendly locals who just get it.

In Sicily, it is recommended to book a villa to make your stay that much more special and offer you comfort and privacy that your own space comes with. On websites like Wishsicily for example, there are many beachfront villas with private pool available for rent at great prices. After all, when you are staying in a special city on a beautiful island, sea views are the absolute dream.


  1. Costa del Sol, Spain

Costa del Sol is a region in the south of Spain that is home to a number of coastal towns along the coastline of Málaga. You can spend your days lounging by the water with endless views and pack your trip with plenty of adventures. There is a lot to do in Costa del Sol, so have some activities you’d like to do there before you go. That way, you’ll save yourself from the ‘what should we do?’ question when you could be spending it out and about. You can go to the Aquamijas Waterpark, visit Castillo de Colomares in Benalmadena, brave the Crocodile Park home to 200 crocodiles in Torremolinos, go to the BioParc Zoo in Fuengirola, and saunter through the Butterfly Park in Benalmadena just to name a few.


  1. Marseille, France

Marseille is the oldest and second largest city in France and is one of the sunniest cities in Europe: it counts on average 300 days of sunshine a year. In the summer, it only has maybe two days of rain, taking away the thought of being stuck inside right away! It was listed as the European Capital of Culture in 2013 and you can wander through the city to find artisan shopping in the historic Le Panier district, open space at the beautiful Palais Longchamp and beautiful architecture that exudes that certain French beauty. For a shop with plenty of classic toys for children, head to Les Minots de Marseille!


Where are some of your favourite destinations?